Triangular Windrow Turner BACKHUS A 40


Whether for green waste composting or the treatment of contaminated soils, the BACKHUS A 40 achieves maximum output in a wide variety of applications. Like all BACKHUS A series models, the machine is equipped with a Cummins engine to tier 5 emission standard, but can also be supplied with a tier 3 standard engine when required.

  • High performance diesel engine with low emissions
  • Simple handling and optimum ergonomics
  • Triangular Windrow Turner with compact transport dimensions
  • Easy to maintain construction
  • Low ground pressure for gentle turning

The Latest Machine for Composting

The BACKHUS A 40 triangular windrow turner is the latest newcomer to the BACKHUS.

The tracked drive

BACKHUS currently offers three tracked versions for its windrow turners to give the best possible match to the ground. In most cases, rubber pads are selected for asphalt or concrete surfaces. A double grouser steel shoe is used for unpaved ground. The steel shoe has less wear, while the rubber pad version is easier to change and thus more cost-effective. The standard version of the BACKHUS A 40 is available with a rubber tracked drive, which is slightly less expensive than the steel track.

Camera package

Like all BACKHUS turners with a cabin, the BACKHUS A 40 windrow turner also comes equipped with a camera package. This consists of three cameras, with one camera is installed on the left and one on the right side of the machine and one above the tailgate. There is a monitor in the cabin that shows all three images at the same time. But you can also select a specific camera to only display the corresponding image.

The turner’s 12 inch display, which comes as standard equipment, has several menu levels that can be reached via the touchscreen or the function keys. During the turning procedure, the main screen provides the operator with important information such as rotor pressure, rotor speed, engine speed, oil temperature, fuel tank level, forward speed or rotor position. The diagnosis level is used for troubleshooting. Errors are displayed in plain text, making troubleshooting easier.