TEUTON universal shredders

A company with many years of experience in the development and production of special machines for recycling equipment that knows the market needs well. The company’s specialists have developed special machines for processing wood waste, green waste, industrial waste, tires, as well as large-sized garbage. To date, we have created unpretentious and efficient universal machines that meet all the requirements of the market. As a rule, crushing requires a homogeneous final product obtained from the processing of coarse waste. Previously, this product was obtained as a result of two stages of processing, but today the company has developed unique machines that perform this task in one pass.

TEUTON shredders are designed for the highest requirements. In addition to three types of hammers that can be easily changed for cutting, crushing and chopping, TEUTON offers an adjustable comb with counterweights to adapt the final grain size to individual requirements in just one pass. Applications include wood waste, household waste, commercial and industrial waste, tires, as well as bulky waste and mattresses.