Slow-speed universal shredder TEUTON Z 55


TEUTON Z 55 is a shredder for shredding wood waste, green waste, industrial waste, tires, and large-sized garbage.

  • Motor: VOLVO Penta Dieselmotor Type TAD 1375 VE
  • Total weight: 32 t (Mobile Version) / 34 t (Track Version)
  • Number of replaceable teeth / shredding rotor: 30
  • Control: IFM with 12.1 “ touch panel + Remote Control
  • Tank volume: 700 l

The TEUTON Z 55 shreds the most diverse materials into different fractions – at maximum performance. For optimum adaptability to various tasks, the TEUTON can furthermore be equipped with many tools, counter combs and screen baskets. This degree of flexibility has no equal on the market!

Highlights of TEUTON Z 55:

  • The rotor with spiral shaped, exchangeable tools tears the material through a counter comb which is adjustable in 10 steps
  • 30 interchangeable shredding teeth in three rows distributed over the rotor surface

More Highlight

  • Variable final grain size due to tools-less cutting gap adjustment
  • Optional – tool-less, pluggable 400 mm hopper extension
  • Increases of the hopper capacity from approx. 4 m³ to approx. 7.3 m³ when using the double-sided hopper extension
  • Screen basket system exchangeable without tool use (80 mm – 250 mm)
  • Hydraulically swingable maintenance door for easy access to the shredding chamber
  • Large and wide conveyor belts for maximum material discharge
  • Discharge height up to 5 m
  • Storage space for all options
  • Hydraulic / mechanical drive
  • Smart stand-by mode – TEUTON independently switches to its stand-by mode once material feed is halted and independently detects continued material feed
  • Central maintenance point – facilitated maintenance
  • Neodym magnetic separator whose working height is hydraulically adjustable allows for discharge of metal scraps on both sides