Stationary Pre-Shredder FORUS SES 250


Two shaft shredder for stationary grinding.

The Forus SES 250 stationary pre-shredder is a versatile shredder that perfectly copes with the crushing of wood waste after the demolition of trees, green cuttings and rhizomes. It also effectively grinds film, paper, waste, garbage and electronic equipment waste. Depending on the tasks, you can configure the control of disk millstones and the control of the meat grinder knife.

  • 4 freely selectable shredding programs
  • Hydraulically tiltable chute with filling volume of 4 m³
  • Electro-hydraulic drive
  • Complete with electric control system and monitoring of the relevant machine components by sensors
  • Large doors for comfortable access to the shredding unit

The stationary pre-shredder FORUS SES 250 is a universal shredder that adapts perfectly to all your requirements.

The stationary primary crusher FORUS SES 250 is equipped with an electrical drive. The drive as well as the electric control system are both incorporated into the machine frame which allows for a very compact and space-saving machine design.

The stationary pre-shredder is equipped with a hydraulically tiltable chute with 4 m³ filling capacity for easy infeed by wheel loader. The filling volume can be increased considerably with an additional extension.

Universal shredder for individual customer requirements

The stationary shredder can be individually tailored to each customer’s needs. The shredding unit of the stationary shredder can be easily adapted to the material and the required final particle size. The tools for the two rotors, the planetary gears for the drive and the type of crushing beam can be freely selected for the multifunctional or disc grinder. Both rotors are independent from each other in their rotating direction and rotational speed.

The crushing beam can be exchanged with a special hydraulic device. The crushing beam is unlatched and moves down at the touch of a button where it can be exchanged for another crushing beam within minutes and then it is moved up again to below the rotors.

The machine is easily and comfortably operated with the touch panel of the electric control system. Even exchanging the rotors presents no difficulties at all with this machine.

The sturdy substructure of the stationary pre-shredder FORUS SES 25 is offered with a height of 500 mm and 1.300 mm. it is equipped with vertical H-beams, reinforcements and sole plates for fixation on the floor for elevation of the machine above an existing discharge conveyor belt.