Pre-Shredder FORUS F 25


The Eggersmann FORUS series of twin shaft crushers are ideal all-round machines for a wide range
recycling programs. FORUS can easily shred numerous types of recyclable waste and prepare them for
further processing. The focus here is on shredding brittle materials such as wood waste and
debris, roots or railroad ties.
With its innovative asynchronous shaft drive, FORUS is also a strong partner in waste management. Even special applications such as glass processing are not a problem for this large, versatile device.

Production capabilities:
Wood waste up to 30 t/h
solid waste up to 30 t/h
Industrial waste up to 25 t/h
Green waste up to 25 t/h
Dimensions of the crusher in working order: length 10.57 m, width 2.35 m, height 3.8 m.

The FORUS F 25 low-speed pre-crusher with two shafts is the right choice for efficient grinding of various materials.
The FORUS F 25 shredder is suitable for all types of waste and wood. Household, bulky or commercial waste, plastic sheets, paper and e-waste are shredded as easily as recycled wood, green waste and roots.
The final particle size varies from 0 to 500 mm and always depends on the input material and the selected crushing beam. It can be raised and lowered hydraulically and is available from A1 to A5 depending on requirements.
Final grain size and chopper throughput can be adjusted and optimized from 0mm to 500mm in just 10 minutes, depending on the application, using a hydraulic modular secondary chopper beam system.
Dimensions of final products and production standards
crushers can be adjusted and optimized from 120
mm to 500 mm in just a few minutes, depending on the application, thanks to the hydraulic modular beam system.
With a volume of 4 m³, the large lifting hopper allows quick and easy filling of the pre-shredder with a wheel loader or excavator. The set also includes a magnet above the belt of the low-speed unit. It can also be moved or adjusted using a hydraulic system. Similarly, the unloading system provides a material unloading height of 3200 mm.
A large service door provides easy access to all inspection-related components. And even replacing the crushing shaft is not a problem for this machine.
A simple, convenient and intelligent control design ensures maximum machine readiness with optimal use. Performance and fill level parameters as well as error messages and maintenance intervals are displayed digitally and ensure smooth and reliable operation of the machine and the grinding process.