Мобільний аерофільтр AIRFIX V 40 / V 60


Sifting and cleaning in one step: effective cleaning of large particles in the sieving process
If you use a screen or star screen to process compost and biomass to get two or three fractions, then you know that contaminants are still present in the material in the form of light plastic. This is where the AIRFIX mobile installation can provide you with effective assistance.

  • Range of application for windsifting unit: Biomass, compost, recycled materials
  • V 40 / V 60 units add a windsifting component to enhance the screening process
  • Suction pressure blower with 20.5 kW power rating
  • Connection can be made electrically or hydraulically
  • Readily moved using lift truck forks or quick-change device
  • Efficient and cost effective solution

НалаштуваTherefore, lightweight plastics such as polyethylene film or bags are separated from the base material.
The appropriate model will depend on the type of screening machine used. For example, the TERRA SELECT T 40 screen is compatible with the V 40 setup, and the AIRFIX V60 can be added to models of the five-meter class and above. Both devices can also be combined with third-party products.
Production of light plastics
Mobile wind deflector modules are installed at the end of the belt for oversized particles. Oversized particles are blown downwards so that pollutants can be extracted more easily. Extraction occurs with the help of a suction pressure compressor, the working power of which is 20.5 kW. The blower is mounted on a container that is filled with extruded lightweight plastic.
The complete suction unit has convenient cutouts for easy transport with a forklift. The quick-change device also facilitates flexible operation.
The mobile AIRFIX V40 / V60 can be actuated either hydraulically from a mill screen or electrically connected from a star screen.
If you are constantly looking for an efficient and economical way to improve your sorting machine, then you have finally found the solution. Contact us today and make oversize pollution a thing of the past!!ння AIRFIX V40 / V60 буде безперервно очищати негабаритні частинки під час сепарації за допомогою барабанного або зірчастого грохоту.