Self-Propelled Windrow Turner BACKHUS A 75


The BACKHUS A75 self-propelled agitator with a high capacity of up to 6800 m3 per hour is used for processing a wide variety of materials (for example, sugar cane waste, palm oil, organic waste, sewage sludge). The equipment is used for earthworks or industrial mixing of substrates.

  • Self-propelled windrow turner with a throughput of up to 7,000 m³ per hour, dependent on material
  • Composting of organic and green waste, as well as sewage sludge, etc.
  • Fuel savings of up to 15%
  • Ergonomic engineering design
  • Generous 360 degree, all round view cabin

Despite its impressive size and high level of performance, the equipment with the integrated BACKHUS control system (BMS) adapts to your needs, ensures reliable operation in harsh conditions and optimizes machine performance. As a result, fuel savings of up to 15% are possible. And with a powerful 450 kW drive motor, this is not so small.

Ergonomic construction with compact dimensions

Like the other BACKHUS brand mobile turners, the largest model also has compact operating and transport dimensions. In addition to the high flexibility that results, and the corresponding ideal suitability to use across different operations, the impressive features of the BACKHUS A 75 include a highly efficient footprint with possibly the best in class space utilisation. Because of its track clearers, triangular windrows can be placed right next to each other so that an additional lane between the windrows becomes redundant.

The frame of the BACKHUS A 75 windrow turner is ergonomically designed, so that the material to be turned only comes into contact with the rotor during turning. As the material is discharged, the windrow is simultaneously reformed almost without touching the machine frame.

When it comes to ergonomics, a further highlighted feature of the machine is the spacious 360-degree panoramic cabin. Equipped with a driver’s seat with air suspension and armrests, generous LED touch screen displays and a joystick installed for convenient one-hand operation, it becomes a comfort zone with every pass of a windrow.